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Screw Driver Pens Neon

A handy little tool for everyone!

Perfect for shirt pocket, purse, tool box, desk drawer or for the kitchen drawer at home.

These reversible screwdriver and ballpoint pens come in  Neon colored center  barrels with Blackcap ends.

Smooth writing  ink used in this ballpoint pen…black ink only.

One color imprint…white recommended!

 Writing Instruments Should Be Part of Your Advertising Mix.
Research Proves when you distribute branded pens…
# 99% of recipients will use the pen.
# 92% remember the pen’s brand and/or message.
# 87% like the pen and prefer it over other promotional items

# 98% of recipients of a promotional pen will use it several times per week.
# 83% of promotional pen recipients will use it daily.
# With 68% of recipients, at least 5 other people come into contact with each pen.
# 80% of promotional pen recipients feel a logoed pen enhances the brand of the company.

Promotional Pens Increase Your Message’s Effectiveness at a Low Cost.
# Greatest Message Awareness
# Daily Reminder
# Most Frequent Use
# Best Representation of Companies, Products, and/or Campaigns.

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